so I stopped coming to kotaku a couple of months ago, before the layout change (seriously, what the hell happened?) because I was getting tired of kotaku trying to stir up unnecessary controversy for page hits (mostly about games, gamers, and the game industry at large being sexist)


does anyone else miss the days when Kotaku (or I guess Gawker in general) actually moderated their comments section? The comments now just depress me. Most of the time it seems like a douche off. I haven't been commenting much recently because of this alone. I used to love seeing that little number show up next to my…

so I'm loving the WiiU so far. I've spent a bunch of time playing ZombiU (which I love), and I was very happy when I got home yesterday and found that my wife had spent most of the afternoon playing Scribblenauts, as I picked that up specifically because I was hoping she would play it.

I'm watching tonight's episode of Criminal Minds, and the "unsubs" are kids obsessed with an MMOFPS who are making other kids live out their sadistic video game fantasies. It's kind of pissing me off because they keep talking about their "gaming history" and their "gaming addiction".

so I found what I consider to be an issue with big picture. I went to load up borderlands, and I never removed the pop up about my DLC codes for the GOTY edition, and it came up same as usual, and I had to use a mouse to get rid of it, and even when I clicked "play" I had to tell it to run again.

so happy. just got offered an awesome new job, which means I can ditch the crappy retail job I've been doing to try to make ends meet since I got laid off last year. only thing is, I need to get my passport now because they might be wanting to send me down to Texas for a week for training (I live in Canada)


so I have an awesome wife. I had to get up early for work today, and when I was on the bus headed to work, I texted her to ask her to call around to a couple of EBGames stores to see if they had The Last Story in today so I could get one after work if I could. a couple of hours later I get a text from her saying she…